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                About ENERGY STAR
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                About ENERGY STAR

                ENERGY STAR ®
                ENERGY STAR® is a dynamic government/industry partnership that makes it easy for businesses and consumers to save money and protect the environment. It was introduced by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 as a voluntary labeling program designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. EPA partnered with the US Department of Energy in 1996 to promote the ENERGY STAR label, with each agency taking responsibility for particular product categories. ENERGY STAR has expanded to cover new homes, most of the buildings sector, residential heating and cooling equipment, major appliances, office equipment, lighting, and consumer electronics.

                You Can Make A Difference:
                If all consumers, businesses, and organizations in the United States made their product choices and building improvement decisions with ENERGY STAR over the next decade, the national annual energy bill would be reduced by about $200 billion. With that would come a sizable contribution to reducing air pollution and protecting the earth's climate for future generations.

                Lighting fixtures that carry the ENERGY STAR label, meet federal energy-efficiency and quality guidelines, without sacrifice in performance. ENERGY STAR labeled fixtures help you play a role in pollution prevention while saving money on your energy bills. There are also many additional benefits:

                • Lighting Quality: ENERGY STAR labeled fixtures have the same light output of standard fixtures while providing excellent color rendering and light temperature. Colors appear true and natural.
                • Safety and Reliability: Any fixture bearing the ENERGY STAR label must meet EPA safety and reliability guidelines. These fixtures also carry warranties. In addition, ENERGY STAR labeled light fixtures operate at much lower temperatures than many traditional lamps, so the risk of starting a fire in your home or business is much lower.
                • Attractive Design and Features: ENERGY STAR labeled models combine attractive design with the features you want.
                • Convenience: Indoor models start immediately and operate without the lower level hum typical of older fluorescent fixtures. Outdoor fixtures automatically shut off during daylight hours and some models have motion sensors that allow lights to turn on automatically.

                To insure the proper selection of an ENERGY STAR labeled fixture carefully select the proper ENERGY STAR option for either indoor or outdoor applications listed in the Model Selection Matrix .


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